Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What are we trying?

H..R…We don’t know what we are starting at? For me it’s more of a process of discovery. We’ve learnt a thing or two about the dreaded letters over the period of our stay here at Jampot, and let me assure you…..A good thing or two.

Wise people claim learning is really something…. one never ends up with. We think we are wise. To add to your misery we sport those two letters too. To be at the wrong end of the barrage is not necessarily a bad thing. Well lets say… put it up for our appraisal.

What is it about HR that gets employees all over real cranky? Why does the mention of HR get everyone cussing under their breath?

Hopefully this blog will help us all discover something.


Rex said...

There are several factors which plays in the mind of the name a few

1. In many places HR is just positioned as agents for deciding compensation, doing recruitment etc. rather than one who are meant to solve employee problem

2. Perceptions exists that if you open up too much with HR it works against you. The trust factor is missing which is never built at first place.

Not that co's are not doing anything about it. The framework of councellors used in most MNCs today are trying to solve both these issues.

Yet I feel with the kind of attrition we have today it's very difficult to build something on a long term basis.

Gautam Ghosh said...

the reasons why people don't trust HR is two fold:

1. In many organizations, HR has tried so hard to be a "business partner" that it is seen as 'management' and not really something that acts on behalf of the employee

2. Business treats HR as too much of a 'specialist function' to be a business partner.